Arm hanging can help you to shorten production preparation and unproductive work time, reduce unneces…...

The paper industry

Walter lifting solution based on the long-term accumulation of experience in paper industry, we know …...

Metal processing industry

Provide special crane for metal processing industry has extensive use in several large domestic steel…...

The car industry

In the automotive industry, lifting equipment is mainly used for car stamping workshop and oems suppo…...

Wind power industry

In recent years, countries to increase investment in the environmental protection new energy industry…...

Nuclear power industry

Nuclear industry because of its particularity, put forward to the complete equipment of the securi…...

Clean industry

In food processing, special material, such as pharmaceutical, microelectronics industry, some product…...

Aeronautics and astronautics

Aerospace industry has a special building structure, single high value products, assembly process com…...

Engineering machinery

In construction machinery industry, the crane is mainly used for machining parts, the structure pretr…...







Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd is the leading industry of cranes and material handling products professional manufacturers and service providers, is committed to the research and development of crane and logistics handling technology, the introduction of new ideas, new product development, the constant pursuit of progress of industry, leading the development of the industry. Business in the high-end equipment research and development, design, manufacture, installation and service, provide customers with "one station" "customized" material handling equipment, and provide product lifecycle management for customers, resolve customer menace from the rear.

With advanced concepts, advanced technology and rich experience, Jiangyin Pavot Crane Machinery CO.,Ltd can provide customized solutions for our customers, our products are light weight, wheel pressure is small, safe and reliable, high performance, energy saving and high efficiency, to help customers save plant infrastructure investment, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.


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